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The eZTrack Difference

eZTrack offers most comprehensive range of intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services to customers worldwide.

By partnering with eZTrack Telematics, you are assured:

World’s First-of-its-kind whollyOffshore-based M2M Platform provider

eZTrack Telematics is probably the only M2M Platform provider in the world which is offering their complete range of M2M solutions & servicestheir highly cost-effective Offshore locationsacross India. The huge cost savings for the customers come from the low-cost availability of infrastructure, bandwidth, resources and customer service support. We are able to offer highly cost-effective teams of trained technical professionals to provideM2M solution customizations & enhancements and low-cost call center support and services.

Swift Implementation

The platformcan be implemented for customers in a matter of days or few weeks. It has been architected from ground up and in most cases caters to over 80% of customer requirements. It has been designed in such a manner that it can be customized and integrated easily with other third party applications and ERP systems. Simple data adapters allow seamless exchange of data between our platform and any disparate system(s).

Highly Cost-Effective Platform

eZTrack offers a single, comprehensive platform which allows businesses to reduce costs, increase revenue and bring in operational efficiencies resulting in lowest total cost of ownership. We offer a wide range of applications on our platform. Dashboard views are configurable and feature specific from customer to customer.

Connect Any Device / Asset / Wired / Wireless

eZTrack agents allows to connect to any device or an asset whether wired or wireless. For security and compliance, out platform incorporates comprehensive user management, access control, user rights, and audit trail for any interactions.

Highly Scalable

The platform is real-time and highly scalable. It can support hundreds of thousands of devices, equipments, sensors etc. for thousands of customers by using best in class infrastructure and technologies.

Highly Secure with Adequate Redundancy

Our platform is hosted in highly secure data centres with adequate redundancy. eZTrack runs on high-end servers with multiple failovers to give our customersuninterrupted service. All data is mirrored and backed-up continuously to ensure that nothing is ever lost.

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M2M Platform

eZTrack platform allows us to offer intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services to customers

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